In Britain passed its version of the “Magnitsky act”

In Britain adopted the amendments by analogy with the current U.S. “Magnitsky act”. The Parliament allowed the government to freeze the assets of suspected human rights violations around the world. It is reported by The Indipendent.


As noted, this initiative was approved as a refinement to the British law against criminal finances. Its purpose is to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.


It is worth noting that the UK is the third country to adopt the “Magnitsky act”, after the United States and Estonia.


In the amendment we are talking about introduction of sanctions against the violators of human rights, their persecution and protection for human rights defenders and individuals who told him about the violation.


Now the decision will be transferred for consideration to the house of lords, and if the upper chamber will approve it, the initiative will attain the status of law.


The Magnitsky act was passed in America in December 2012. This act repeals the amendment of Jackson — Vanik amendment and introduces personal penalties against persons responsible for violation of human rights.

Photo: Alberto Pezzali / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress