In Irkutsk evacuated the car with a sleeping two-year-old

In Irkutsk evacuated the car with a sleeping baby. About it “Interfax” was told in the regional cupola MIA.

“The couple parked the car Opel Mokka for Parking for persons with disabilities at the shopping center “Komsomall” and went shopping, leaving a child restraint with my son, who in April will mark two years”, — said in the Chapter. When the parents returned 25 minutes later, the car was evacuated.

It is noted that the glass of the car were tinted, so to see the child was impossible. Also on the car there was no signs indicating that the cabin can be a child.

Later the parents took the boy and his car pulled away, the child was not injured.

The boy’s father was fined five thousand rubles under article 12.19 of the administrative code (“Violation of rules of stop or Parking of vehicles”). Also both parents brought to administrative responsibility for failure to perform their duties.

In may 2016 in Moscow region employees of service of evacuation detected in the overheated cabin of a closed car five-month-old boy. The car was going to take for Parking in a prohibited place. The parents of the child were able to detect only an hour later. Against the boy’s father made the Protocol on administrative violation.

In the summer of 2015 Pavel Astakhov, who was then the Commissioner for the rights of the child under the President of Russia, suggested to bring to administrative responsibility of parents leaving unattended children under the age of six years.