Popular gamer died at the time of day of online marathon

One of the most popular American gamers Brian vigneault died during 24-hour charity marathon. Online stream he was on his Twitch channel. According to the publication The Sun, the gamer known by the nickname PoshyBrid, died on the night of February 20 to the 23-hour broadcast.


In the stream vigneault went for a smoke and never came back. His subscribers suggested that the gamer fell asleep. One of the friends of the young man sent him next day a message when I noticed him online. The answer sent a police detective. The official cause of death has not yet been established.


Information about the death vigneault confirmed by the police of Virginia. Male 35 years old, he has three children. Recording the broadcast can be judged that he from last forces tried to sleep.

Photo: Bastian Caro / Globallookpress