In Brussels banned the production of foie Gras

In Brussels banned the production of foie Gras

BRUSSELS, 21 February. /Offset. TASS Asya Harutyunyan/. In the Belgian capital decided to officially ban the production of the famous French delicacy foie Gras. About it reports local TV channel VRT with reference to the Secretary of state of the Kingdom for the welfare of animals Bianca Debaets.

This decision, according to her, was due to the fact that the authorities in Brussels banned force-feeding of animals. And foie Gras, as it is known — is specially cooked liver of fattened goose or duck.

Force-feeding is equivalent to torture. I can’t afford it. Animals are forced to swallow large amounts of food. This creates a lot of stress for them, and difficulty breathing. The liver of the animal can grow up to 1 kg, while in normal conditions, her weight barely reaches 100 Grammophone Gebetsroither Belgium on issues of animal welfare

Debaets noted that the results of a recent survey, 84% of Belgians supported the ban.

Foie Gras (French for “fat liver”) is considered a French delicacy, but the right of the discoverers of the meals belongs to the ancient Egyptians — the ones that ascend the practice of force-feeding birds. The Egyptians artificially fattened several species of waterfowl, including geese, crushed grain, pre-fried and dipped. In the future, recipe foie Gras was transferred to the Jews and later to the Romans who had gained immense popularity. The French is the author of creating the delicacy is credited because they were the first documented recipes of cooking.

Currently, foie Gras is produced in five EU countries — France, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary and Belgium, but the Belgian act of 1986 now corrected that in the capital this delicacy more to produce is not permitted. As noted by the VRT, the ban is more symbolic significance, as in Brussels of producers of foie Gras a little. In turn, the authorities hope that other regions will follow the example of Brussels, and will also end the production of this product.