UNICEF has warned of the possible deaths of 1.4 million children from hunger

Saana, Yemen

International emergency children’s Fund UN (UNICEF) warned about the possible death by starvation of 1.4 million children in four countries: South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. Data are published by BFMTV.

According to conclusions of experts, in Yemen suffer from malnutrition 462 thousands of children in Nigeria, their number reached 450 thousand. Because of the drought in Somalia on the brink of starvation was 185 thousand babies in a few months the number could increase to 270 thousand. As many children are starving in South Sudan.

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lyke stated the need for rapid intervention to prevent tragedy. “We can still save many of them,” he said.

On 27 January, the coordinator for emergency UN Stephen O’brien said that the ongoing military conflict in Yemen threatens to cause the largest scale in the modern world hunger. According to officials, about 10 million people in the country are experiencing a shortage of food. Those in need 2.2 million children.