In new York the Teens fell through the ice while trying to take a group selfie

In new York, at least seven teenagers fell through the ice as a result of attempts to share a selfie on a frozen pond. On Tuesday, February 21, reports the New York Post.

The incident occurred on the evening of February 20 in Central Park at the pond, located near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 59th street. “The guys played. Some insisted that it was dangerous, others were asked to step on the ice. In the end, they all got together and decided to do a selfie. But at this moment the ice broke and they fell into the water,” — said the publication of 15-year-old coming from Paraguay Maya Ramirez.

According to eyewitnesses, in a dangerous undertaking participated teenagers from 10 to 15 years. To help them ran a few guys are older, but they eventually also had to save.

“With the guys all right. They have hypothermia mild,” — said the Deputy fire chief of the city’s John Skoff. Victims assisted in place, and then was taken to a local hospital.

The day of the incident the air in new York warmed up to 11 degrees Celsius, however, according to rescuers, the water in the pond was icy. Its depth in the site of the failure is more than five meters.

On 15 January it was reported that near the village Gardener Timashevsk district of Krasnodar region fell under the ice five adolescents aged 13-14 years. They were returning home from a walk, decided to cut a path through ice on the river and went into the icy water. One child was rescued, the body of another was pulled from the pond. Later another missing teenager has been found dead, the search for others continued.