A school friend spoke about the paranoia of Kim Jong-Nam

Kim Jong-Nam, half-brother of the leader of North Korea, the last few years of his life spent in a paranoid state, avoiding the established Kim Jong-UN regime and struggling with a sense of powerlessness about the future of their country. As writes on Tuesday, February 21, the British newspaper the Guardiаn talk about it who knew his men.

A close friend of Kim Jong-Nam believes that could destroy the independence of views. According to Anthony Sahakian, who studied with the deceased in a prestigious international school in Switzerland, over the past two years he always came to Geneva and friends regularly meet there. They last met about a month ago. During these visits former classmates almost every day together, drank coffee and walked around.

According to Sahakyan, Kim Jong-Nam has lived with the assurance that after their father Kim Jong Il died in 2011, the younger brother may consider it as a threat to their power. “We did discuss the existing regime, his brother, and that there is [in the country] is going on. I can tell you one thing: he was never interested in authority, said 44-year-old Sahakyan. He wanted to pull away. He never had any ambitions of running the country. He stood from the regime at arm’s length”.

“He was afraid. It was not a comprehensive fear, but he was paranoid. It was a politically important person. Of course, he was worried,” — said Sahakyan.

Kim Jong-Nam, was killed on 13 February at the airport of Kuala Lumpur where he was going to fly to Macau to his family. According to investigators, the assassination was attempted by two women from the scene they managed to escape. There are different versions of the murder: brother Korean leader could have been hurt, poisoned needles, splash him with a toxic liquid or to hold the eyes with a poisonous substance swab.

In the last few days on suspicion of involvement in the murder of the eldest brother of North Korean leader was detained several people, it was also reported on the re-autopsy, but the investigation has not yet yielded results on the causes of crime, its perpetrators and sponsors.

Kim Jong-Nam is the eldest son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. For a time he was considered the most likely successor to his father at the head of the country, but once in may 2001 trying to enter Japan on a fake passport, fell out of favor and since he lived permanently abroad.