Three Russian sailors hijacked off the coast of Nigeria, ship returned home

Three sailors from Russia, who was captured in early February, Nigerian pirates, the ship BBC Caribbean, he returned home. It is reported TASS with reference to the St. Petersburg representative office of the Agency Briese Shipping, employing them in swimming.

Director Pavel Fedulov said that these sailors managed to escape from the invaders. During a search of the ship the pirates found the chief engineer, second mate and cadet — later, they took ship in the Spanish city of Las Palmas.

According to Fedulova, on the future of the rest of the crew being negotiated.

The attack on the BBC Caribbean has been committed in early February in the territorial waters of Nigeria, the result was captured seven Russians and one citizen of Ukraine. Russian diplomats approached the Nigerian authorities with a request to help search for the hostages.

At the end of November 2016 Nigerian pirates seized the ship “Saronic Gulf breeze” in the territorial waters of neighbouring Benin and captured three Russians — the captain of the ship, second engineer and cook. The hostages were released three weeks later.