European leaders have turned against Russia because they bought Washington – analyst

European leaders do not consider the opinions of his people in matters of relations with Russia. This was stated by the Director of the Center for geopolitical expertise Valery Korovin live talk show “Special article” on the TV channel “Star”.


“Turned away from Russia is not a European peoples, and European leaders who had previously been bought by Washington and focused on the creation of transatlantic alliances.


When you create the global dominance of the United States, ordinary people no one pays attention: is consumable. The peoples of Europe dependant of the elite, forced, as slaves, to obey the decisions of Brussels and, through it, the decisions of Washington,” – said the analyst.


“How are you feeling ordinary people, the unemployment rate, the growth or decline of their well-being is absolutely not concerned about the architects of U.S. global dominance. So what people say on the streets, this one doesn’t count, they simply disperse and continue to stick to their line,” added Korovin.


According to a report by the Austrian Institute of economic research (WIFO) from January 2017 European Union sanctions against Russia and Russian retaliatory measures have crippled the economy 27 European countries. Total damage from the restrictions imposed amounted to 17.6 billion euros and 400 thousand jobs.

Photo: Andrew Parsons / / Globallookpress