The Russian foreign Ministry has prepared a draft of sanctions against North Korea

The Russian foreign Ministry has prepared a draft of sanctions against North Korea

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has prepared a draft presidential decree that will tighten sanctions against the DPRK. Document published on the portal of legal information.

The introduction of new sanctions related to the resolution 2321 of the UN security Council of 30 November 2016, which provides for the imposition of certain restrictions against North Korea in response to nuclear testing, and in accordance with the Federal law of December 30, 2006.

The draft presidential decree provides for the termination of any scientific-technical cooperation with individuals or organizations of the DPRK “with the exception of exchanges in the field of medicine”

At the same time, cooperation in the field of nuclear science, aerospace engineering and aviation technology may, with the approval of the Committee of the Security Council of the UN.

The draft decree also envisages the introduction of a ban on shipments from the DPRK, copper, Nickel, silver and zinc and their transportation through the territory of Russia. Exceptions apply to purchases from North Korea’s coal and iron ore if they do not participate physical and legal entities, previously included in the sanctions lists or associated with the nuclear program of the country.

It is also planned the closure of existing branches of banks of the Russian Federation who operate in the territory of the DPRK under the jurisdiction of Russia (except those that are intended for humanitarian assistance) and deportation from Russia of those who work in the Russian Federation in the name or on behalf of any financial institution of the DPRK.

In addition, North Korea prohibited the use of real property owned or leased by Pyongyang in the territory of the Russian Federation for any purpose other than a diplomatic or consular activities. The Ordinance also provides for the limitation of the number of Bank accounts of citizens of the DPRK one account for each accredited in Russia diplomatic and Consulate staff.

In January 2016, North Korea announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, and a month later — the launch of a rocket. In response to these challenges, the UN Security Council has promised to introduce new sanctions against the DPRK by adopting resolution No. 2270 2 March 2016.

At the end of December 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned the supply of small arms and light weapons to North Korea. The decision was made to execute the Corresponding decree was published on the official portal of legal information.