German actress Marika rekk turned out to be a Soviet spy

German actress Marika rekk turned out to be a Soviet spy

MOSCOW, 20 Feb — RIA Novosti. German actress and singer of Hungarian descent Marika rekk turned out to be a Soviet spy, according to declassified documents from the archives of the Federal intelligence service of Germany.

Rekk from 1940-ies was part of a secret network that was responsible for passing to the Soviet authorities of the military intelligence of high importance that the documents, which fragments were published by German tabloid Bild.

As noted in the paper, rekk recruited its Director Heinz Hoffmeister, who has worked on the Soviet Union.

Still remain unknown, what role in intelligence network played rekk and what information she passed on to Moscow. Her husband, film Director Georg Jacoby is also likely to have been recruited by Soviet secret services.

According to the newspaper, at the head of the network to which belonged to rekk, supposedly there was a legendary Soviet intelligence officer Yan Chernyak, who for his talent to go unnoticed nicknamed “the man without a shadow”. His intelligence network consisted of about 35 scouts, including bankers, military men, government officials, and actress Olga Chekhov.

The first mention of intelligence activities rekk found in dated November 1951, the papers of the German organization “Gelen” (Gehlen), which was the forerunner of modern intelligence services Germany. In 1951 rekk announced that ends his acting career. Newspapers then wrote that she wanted to open her own boutique in Dusseldorf and sell products made from Swiss wool.

However, German intelligence came to the conclusion that it was just a clever move that allowed rekk continue to work for the Soviet Union.

Rekk acting career began in the 1930-ies. In 1935 she starred in her first German film “Light cavalry” (Leichte Kavallerie). With this pattern began her highly successful career in the cinema of the Third Reich. She was one of the favorite Actresses of Adolf Hitler, she even attributed the affair with the propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. At the end of the Second world war as punishment for a close relationship with the Nazi leadership for two years, she was forbidden to work.

Died Marika rekk may 16, 2004 from a heart attack at the age of 90 years.