Trump has appointed an adviser to the veteran of the wars in the Persian Gulf

Trump has appointed an adviser to the veteran of the wars in the Persian Gulf

The President of the USA Donald trump Monday announced the selection of Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster as its new national security adviser is a retired Michael Flynn.

His candidacy has already been supported by both representatives Republicans Democrats, so he is likely to get the approval of the Senate.

Trump called McMaster “a man of immense talent and vast experience,” presenting it to journalists in residence in Florida (Monday in the US was a free day — a public holiday “President’s Day”), told The Washington Post.

McMaster “scale-minded” man, said Bloomberg, a retired General, former Director of the national security Agency, Michael Hayden, who was often criticized trump prior to his taking office: “He stands for what convinced. Just the perfect choice for this administration.”

McMaster now heads the center for the integration of forces and means of the US army and is also the Deputy head of the land forces command, responsible for the training of personnel and the development of doctrines of its combat use.

54-year-old Lieutenant General McMaster took part in the Gulf war (1990-1991), the war in Iraq (2003-2011) and operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan (2001-2014). In February 2015, McMaster stated that the United States should apply against Russia in connection with its actions in Ukraine, the principle of “deterrence at the forefront of” providing for the use of American ground troops, reminds TASS. Then he followed the other military leaders of the US and NATO accused Russia of waging a “hybrid war”.

In the US McMaster has earned itself a reputation for openly defending their point of view.

For example, he tried to dissuade the authorities that the war can be won at a great distance using high-tech weapons and surgical strikes. In his book “dereliction of duty”, he criticized the military for bad service to President Lyndon Johnson and the then Secretary of defense, Robert McNamara during the Vietnam war.

He wrote that the war was lost in Washington, not on the battlefield.

McMaster also said that the armed forces need modernization, and last year warned a Senate Commission that the army risks becoming too small to ensure the security of the country.

Senator John McCain, who heads the upper house Committee on armed forces, and is now perhaps the loudest critic of the trump among Republicans in the Senate, called the candidate McMaster “an outstanding choice”, adding that “this decision does honor to President Trump.”

A former member of the house of representatives from new York Democrat Steve Israel has named McMaster in his Twitter “the brilliant intellectual leader who understands how to [apply] for both hard and soft power.”

Other candidates for the position of national security adviser was the head of the Military Academy at West point, General Robert Caslen, former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton at prizedent George W. Bush (2005-2006), previously held the position of Deputy Secretary of state for arms control and international security (2001-2005).

Presenting the candidacy of a new Deputy national security Advisor to trump, said that Bolton will be another post in his administration.

Retired Vice Admiral Robert Harvard, received the proposal of the President of Donald trump to take the post of national security adviser, refused, reported by the media.