He always took the fire itself: Vitaly Churkin in the eyes of colleagues

Death always comes suddenly, even if you are on the battlefield and bullets are flying around and life hangs in the balance. Activity Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, the post of permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations and the UN security Council was comparable with the work in extreme conditions, where every day were hard enough defending the interests of Russia. And how he did it! Professionally and tastefully however, when the altercation with the opponents certainly ended with defeat of last. Even detractors called him a real diplomatic “knight of Russia”. And that’s heart failed – the day before the 65th anniversary.


The loss is irreplaceable. And even if the change Churkin at the post of Permanent representative to the UN will come new diplomats, any of them will have to “endure” to the level of Vitaly Ivanovich. The point where his appearance in the room caused the nervous hiccups of opponents, that his prepared speech was hastily redrawn, lost thoughts and lost in his gorgeous expromtech, which proved the rightness of the Russian diplomat. When the UN acted as Russia’s representative in the hall was silent – every word Churkin, did you talk about Syria or Ukraine, if not listened to with reverent attention, with respect for sure.


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“Vitaly was able to be as convincing, – the President of Academy of geopolitical problems Leonid Ivashov. His arguments were simply terrible, and though he rarely looked in the papers, every word was a layer of information that simply could not be substantiated. And he always looked to those to whom he appealed directly in the eye and all his little sly squint, I maintain, has changed in the face, angry, angry. And Churkin, even when I played rush attack, verbal battles, was certainly unflappable, calm and outwardly relaxed. It might seem that with such an external image can be read at night, children stories than to solve global problems, but those who knew Vitaly Ivanovich understood that in this peaceful and beautiful wrapper lies a steel rod, and the ability to achieve goals. And he loved his Homeland, Russia, and was ready for her to stand on his diplomatic turn to the last. He died in the line of duty, in the workplace, like a real soldier”.


The diplomatic career of Vitaly Churkin, began not that random, but since childhood he’s the son of an aircraft engineer and housewife, like a field not particularly wanted. The truth and the career of the actor, which could come from childhood, playing insignificant roles in three feature films, refused still at school. Excelled in learning the English language is studied in a specialized school, plus worked with a tutor by a native speaker. Was on friendly terms with sports – worked in the skating section at the stadium Young pioneers in Moscow, took prizes at different level competitions. In the social life of the school also actively participated – was the Komsomol. In General, with such data, he was immediately accepted into one of the most prestigious universities – MGIMO, where he applied just because the entrance exams at the Institute was begun earlier than in others. And then, it seems, has never regretted it.


Photo: Li Muzi / Xinhua / Globallookpress


Career of Vitaly Churkin at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR, and then Russia was brilliant, but not parquet, and the light paths are not searched for and never hid in the shadows. When it was necessary – took fire. When, for example, in September 1983 a Soviet fighter shot down the airliner in South Korea, Churkin, then third Secretary of the Embassy in the United States, became the only representative of the Embassy, who came out very aggressive to reporters and was able to reduce the passions. The truth he always preferred to speak without embellishment, and remained unconvinced even when she disagreed with the official position of the government. As a representative of Boris Yeltsin in the Balkans, Churkin said that the victory of Milosevic in the elections in Serbia, Moscow is not considered a “tragedy” that NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia would threaten Russia’s security. In General, they say things that the then Minister had to justify to the American state Department. Such geopolitical position adhered Vitaly Churkin in the UN, where he represented Russia since 2006.


“Vitaly has always impressed me with their directness and independence of judgment, – says Colonel-General Boris Gromov, who, along with Vitaly Churkin at the beginning of the 90s were in the same positions of Deputy Ministers in the foreign Ministry. – Me, the person not the system in the diplomatic environment have been unaware, it seemed that every word is necessary. And he, as might seem at first glance, was sometimes long-winded, emotional, but after talking it became clear that everything about him is essentially all laid out on shelves. And good advice from him, the greatest professional diplomat, you can always count on what he did it sincerely, without irony. Then, when our life paths diverged, with great pleasure I watched his speeches at the UN, admired the brilliant reasoning, the ability to prove his innocence and somewhere inside he wished that it was not possible to learn from him these qualities of a real diplomat.”


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Vitaly Churkin, who held a high position in the diplomatic hierarchy of the MFA of Russia, its Permanent representative to the UN could be not a public person. And to limit their activity reports, notes, protests, in General, to be a “gray mouse” at high status. But he chose to rise from the diplomatic “trenches” and to defend the honor of their country. And has become the “face of Russia”, which is known throughout the country thanks to the qualities of a soldier – patriot and professional.

Author: Viktor Sokirko

Photo: Shen Hong / Xinhua / Globallookpress