Putin instructed to improve the prevention of suicide among adolescents

Putin instructed to improve the prevention of suicide among adolescents Moscow. 20 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin gave to the government and regions in order to improve the system of prevention of suicides among adolescents. “The government of the Russian Federation together with Executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation to make decisions to improve the system of prevention of teenage suicide,” — said in published on the Kremlin website the list of instructions following the meeting of the coordination Council on realization of National strategy of actions in interests of children on November 15. The order must be made by 30 June. In 2016, the investigating authorities have established numerous facts of distribution on the Internet, provoking suicidal behavior and urges to commit suicide. There were several closed “groups of death” in social networks. As found by the investigating authorities, only one of them suffered

The state Duma Commission on ethics began checking Vitaly Milonov

The state Duma Commission on ethics began checking Vitaly Milonov The Duma Commission on ethics will examine the statements of the Deputy from “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov. Earlier, the Deputy apologized for “not too good, the phrase” relative to the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church. The ethics Committee of the state Duma began checking the statements of the Deputy, member of faction “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov. About this RBC following the meeting of the Presidium of the United Russia faction told his dick, the Deputy Chairman of the security Committee Anatoly Vyborny. “The Commission began its review. For the MP the consequences of such checks in any way unpleasant. The Commission may decide to ask him to make a public apology or a solution he may even be deprived of the right to vote,” — said the Deputy. He stressed that the reason for the test was the

Crimean authorities have accused Kiev of trying to start a “diversionary war”

Photo: RIA Novosti Member of the Crimean government Zaur Smirnov said that the Kiev authorities, authorizing the training of saboteurs for terrorist attacks in the Crimea, in fact, seeks to start a diversionary war to destabilize the region, reports RIA “Novosti”. “The Kiev authorities from their powerlessness decided to go to extreme measures, actually authorizing the outbreak of diversionary war in the Crimea. We see how official Kiev does not preclude the extremist battalions, the leaders of which openly talk about the military aggression in the direction of the Crimea”, — said Smirnov. He also added that the Crimean government and security forces will be able to effectively resist all hostile and aggressive plans of Kiev. Earlier it was reported that soldiers of the Ukrainian battalion “Asker” was detained when crossing the border in the Crimea.

Don and Sadovnichy will conduct a school environmental lesson at MSU

Photo: © RIA Novosti. Valery Melnikov Chapter Ministry of Russia Sergey Donskoy, together with the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy will hold on 18 February school environmental lesson at the Moscow state University (MSU), said on Saturday the press service of the Ministry of natural resources. It is clarified that MNRE will provide a stream of a lesson on its website, the broadcast will include around 150 protected natural areas. “In the year of the environment we need to do to the environment has taken the appropriate current governmental priorities place in the system of education and upbringing, shaping the values of a responsible attitude to the environment,” said don. According to the Agency, after the official part the participants will write to environmental dictation, questions to which developed by the research staff and lecturers of the biological faculty of Moscow state University and will be available from

“Teacher, colleague and good friend”: politicians and diplomats remember Vitaly Churkin

Permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin © Valery sharifulin/TASS On 20 February, the Russian foreign Ministry reported the death Vitaly Churkin. Permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, died in new York the day before your 65th birthday. Condolences to colleagues, as well as Russian and foreign politicians at the TASS. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences in connection with the death of Vitaly Churkin. About TASS reported the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. “The President learned with deep regret of the death of Vitaly Churkin,” said he. “The President appreciated the professionalism and diplomatic skill Churkin,” – said Peskov. “The President expressed his condolences to the families and to the staff of the MFA of Russia in connection with the death of Vitaly Churkin,” – said the spokesman. Shocking news Russia’s Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko shocked

The Georgian was detained for trying to enter into Turkey in a suitcase

In the Turkish province of Artvin, the border guards detained a citizen of Georgia, who attempted to smuggle in a suitcase across the border her compatriot. On Monday, February 20, reports Daily Sabah. The incident occurred in the Turkish city of Hopa, on the checkpoint Sarpi. One of the Georgian citizens seemed suspicious police and law enforcement officers asked him to open the suitcase. As it turned out, hid inside a woman. During interrogation it was revealed that 28-year-old Georgian woman was deported from Turkey three months ago after the expiry of her visa. A man and a woman was taken to the police station. Police are still investigating the incident. At the end of December 2016, a citizen of Morocco, was detained while attempting to cross the Spanish border of Ceuta with a young African in a suitcase. The staff of the National guard noticed in the queue for

Foreign Minister of Burkina Faso endorsed the idea of Putin about the anti-terrorist front

Alpha Barry Foreign Minister of Burkina Faso, alpha Barry said that he supports the idea of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the establishment of anti-terrorist front. Such statement the Minister made at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Monday, 20 February, reports TASS. “The Sahel region is now in a difficult situation. As you know, the conflict started in Libya and then spread to Mali, and now it covers all of our countries (…) this evil must be fought,” — said Barry. The head of the diplomatic Department said that in early February in the capital, Bamako, held a meeting of the “group of five”, which includes Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Chad. The forum discussed the development of a common strategy to combat terrorism and drug traffickers that Fund the extremist organization. “We appeal to the international community and ask you to support

Trial by fire: in Network mass checks cheese for Flammability

In the Russian segment of social networks is unusual flashmob – users in a variety of ways set fire to cheese and other dairy products. This began with the Ulyanovsk blogger Camille Bagautdinov, who thought thus to check the quality of Russian cheese.   Initially, the blogger bought cheese at the store to feed the birds, but they stubbornly refused treats. Then Bagautdinov carefully to get a grasp in the product and even tried the cheese alone, then was disappointed in it completely.   “… the sealer calcium chloride, dye, flavour identical to natural. That is, it turns out, all this is pure fake cheese” – said the blogger.   The experience of the Ulyanovsk blogger inspired Network users. People burned cheese in a variety of ways, from matches to gas burners. However, the behavior of cheese is not always of poor quality.   “Actually in the cheese, any cheese,