Trial by fire: in Network mass checks cheese for Flammability

In the Russian segment of social networks is unusual flashmob – users in a variety of ways set fire to cheese and other dairy products. This began with the Ulyanovsk blogger Camille Bagautdinov, who thought thus to check the quality of Russian cheese.


Initially, the blogger bought cheese at the store to feed the birds, but they stubbornly refused treats. Then Bagautdinov carefully to get a grasp in the product and even tried the cheese alone, then was disappointed in it completely.


“… the sealer calcium chloride, dye, flavour identical to natural. That is, it turns out, all this is pure fake cheese” – said the blogger.


The experience of the Ulyanovsk blogger inspired Network users. People burned cheese in a variety of ways, from matches to gas burners. However, the behavior of cheese is not always of poor quality.


“Actually in the cheese, any cheese, there is a product like natural fat. Animal fat. And here that animal fat, he has the ability to burn. It’s, like, normal,” – said the cheese-maker Peter Kondaurov.

Photo: Julius_ALF / Twitter