Crimean authorities have accused Kiev of trying to start a “diversionary war”


RIA Novosti

Member of the Crimean government Zaur Smirnov said that the Kiev authorities, authorizing the training of saboteurs for terrorist attacks in the Crimea, in fact, seeks to start a diversionary war to destabilize the region, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“The Kiev authorities from their powerlessness decided to go to extreme measures, actually authorizing the outbreak of diversionary war in the Crimea. We see how official Kiev does not preclude the extremist battalions, the leaders of which openly talk about the military aggression in the direction of the Crimea”, — said Smirnov.

He also added that the Crimean government and security forces will be able to effectively resist all hostile and aggressive plans of Kiev.

Earlier it was reported that soldiers of the Ukrainian battalion “Asker” was detained when crossing the border in the Crimea.