The Georgian was detained for trying to enter into Turkey in a suitcase

In the Turkish province of Artvin, the border guards detained a citizen of Georgia, who attempted to smuggle in a suitcase across the border her compatriot. On Monday, February 20, reports Daily Sabah.

The incident occurred in the Turkish city of Hopa, on the checkpoint Sarpi. One of the Georgian citizens seemed suspicious police and law enforcement officers asked him to open the suitcase. As it turned out, hid inside a woman.

During interrogation it was revealed that 28-year-old Georgian woman was deported from Turkey three months ago after the expiry of her visa.

A man and a woman was taken to the police station. Police are still investigating the incident.

At the end of December 2016, a citizen of Morocco, was detained while attempting to cross the Spanish border of Ceuta with a young African in a suitcase. The staff of the National guard noticed in the queue for the border control behaving suspiciously and nervous 22-year-old woman and asked them to open before her a large suitcase. Inside they found an unconscious black man. As noted, he almost suffocated from lack of oxygen.