In England will be sold sunglasses Lennon, trampled by the musician

In England will be sold sunglasses Lennon, trampled by the musician The auction house estimated points is 3.5 thousand pounds. LONDON, February 17. /Offset. TASS Ilya Dmitriev/. Sunglasses that one of the founders of the British musical group The Beatles John Lennon (1940-1980) was crushed in a fit of anger, put up for auction in England. According to the newspaper Mirror, round glasses have become a fixture of Lennon in the last years of the legendary “fab four”, estimated at 3.5 thousand pounds ($4.5 million). Once, in the 1970s, John Lennon, talking on the phone in the house of his uncle in London, so angry that I stepped on your glasses, then threw them away. But the uncle of one of the most famous people on the planet, Charlie Lennon, was sorry points. He pulled them from the trash, repaired it, and the history carefully recorded by hand. “Yes, the

Russian tanks painted Khokhloma

Russian tanks painted Khokhloma For athletes and guests of the World military sports games in Sochi will be organized display of modern military equipment of Russia. This was announced by the head of the Central sports club of the army, Colonel Mikhail Baryshev. In addition to painted tanks, the organizers of the games plan to surprise the athletes and tourists with hospitality. — Russian hospitality in this case will be multiplied by the hospitality of the Russian army are well known all over the world. Athletes has created a unique living conditions and welfare, prepared a unique cultural program, — told in CSKA. Well, the athletes of the club will surprise you with high results in all sports. The world military sports games will be held in Sochi from 23 to 28 February.

Protesters in Minsk burned the letters on the payment of tax deadbeats

Protesters in Minsk burned the letters on the payment of tax deadbeats MINSK, February 17 — RIA Novosti. The participants of unsanctioned by the city authorities “March of the angry Belarusians”, organized by the representatives of the opposition, burned the building of the Ministry for taxes and levies of Belarus the notification on payment of the tax “deadbeats”, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Earlier, the protesters gathered on October square in Central Minsk, adopted a resolution which contained, in particular, the requirement to cancel the decree on “parasites” and calling on the authorities to begin negotiations. If prior to March 17, not steps will be taken for implementation as set out in resolution requirements, the protesters, according to the document, reserves the right to further collective actions. Protesters marched with placards against the so-called decree on “parasites” and the banner “Basta!” to the building of the Ministry of taxes and

Russian bombers attacked ISIS in raqqa

Russian bombers attacked ISIS in raqqa Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS aircraft struck the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG) in the area of Raqqa, according to the Ministry of defense of Russia. The aircraft flew from Russian territory and flying over Iran and Iraq, was struck by cruise missiles X-101 control station of one of the IG units. The military said that, according to objective control, all assigned targets, including camps and training centres of the militants, was amazed. Cover bombers engaged the su-30cm and su-35S fighters based in Syria the airfield Hamim.

Replacing five governors have been preparing since the beginning of January

Replacing five governors have been preparing since the beginning of January The selection of candidates in five regions, where in early February was the Governor’s resignation, went from the beginning of January, told “Vedomosti” two of the interlocutor in the Kremlin. Initially, for each position were selected for 5-7 candidates. Then they underwent a number of tests of professional competences, personal qualities and potential and willingness to lead a region. All candidates included in the personnel reserve of the President. “This practice was taken from the business models of recruitment. Including conducted computer testing and multiple interviews, including cross,” — said the source “Vedomosti”. As a result, for each region the choice of the President Vladimir Putin was prepared by the three candidates. “Many of them were already familiar to him to work in the government when he was President,” — said the official. Decision on the replacement of five

The state Duma Committee on labor has criticized the bill on a summer Siesta

Photo: RIA Novosti The State Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs has criticized the bill on reducing the working week to 35 hours in summer. Earlier, a group of deputies proposed to amend the Labour code of the Russian Federation on the reduction of normal working time and increase the duration of breaks for rest and nutrition in the summer. It is proposed to reduce the salaries in accordance with changes in working time. The members of the Committee voted against the project, in particular, the problem considered the reduction of wages. In addition, according to deputies, in Russia, and so there are Sanitary and other regulations that protect employee’s in the summer from health problems. “In a legal sense, all resolved, ranging from the Constitution, where it says “the right to work in safe conditions”, the Labour code and secondary legislation regulate at the level

In the South-East of Turkey, an explosion occurred

The explosion occurred in the town of Viranşehir in the şanlıurfa region in the Southeast of Turkey. On Friday, February 17, Reuters reported, citing provincial Governor Azim Tuna Gongor (Azim Tuna) . He said that near the residential complex for the employees of courts and Prosecutor’s office and members of their families exploded a car bomb. Killing at least one person — a child of three, another 15 were injured. RIA Novosti, citing a source in law enforcement bodies reported about three victims. Other details are not yet available. The evening of 10 December 2016 in Besiktas district in Istanbul, near the stadium Vodafone Arena, after the football match between teams “Besiktas” and “Bursaspor” the explosion occurred. The aim of the attack was the bus with the police. In the result, 44 people were killed and more than 150 were injured. The morning of December 17 in the explosion of

The NATO Secretary General said about the need for dialogue with Russia

Jens Stoltenberg NATO believes in the necessity of dialogue with Russia. As reported on Friday, February 17, RIA Novosti, the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said at a meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in the framework of the security conference in Munich. Stoltenberg, in particular, stressed that “firmly on the need for dialogue with Russia.” “I know from a position of strength”, — quotes news Agency the answer of the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation. The Secretary General, in turn, added: “With a predictable position.” Sergey Lavrov also welcomed the fact that NATO remains engaged in a dialogue with Moscow. “I expect to discuss some practical issues”, — he said. According to TASS, at a press briefing on the sidelines of the Munich forum Stoltenberg said that NATO is working to improve relations with Russia. However, he noted that the decision

The Syrian army has destroyed one of leaders “al-Nusra Dzhebhat”

Archive photo Syrian government forces in the South of the country destroyed one of leaders of grouping “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Lebanese TV channel “al Jadid”. It is reported that one of the terrorist leaders known as Khaled, Sahadi al-Alul nicknamed “Abu Munzer Jordan”, was eliminated in the city of Deraa. Other details about the operations yet. Last week in the vicinity of Deraa at the Jordanian border, renewed clashes between the Syrian army and terrorists “dzhebhat an-Nusra.” The militants made several attempts to carry out the attack, but government troops repulsed all their attacks. Dozens of extremists eliminated. “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” in Russia included in the list of terrorist organizations, for participation in activities which provide for criminal liability.

Ukrainians in the prayer Breakfast trump mixed up with the Mongols

One of the participants of the prayer Breakfast at the American President – Executive Director of the University “synergy” Vadim Lobov in an interview with RT told the details of the event.   According to him, the delegation from Ukraine is constantly confused with the Mongols.   “Representatives of the Ukrainian delegation was very much about 70 people. They behaved actively enough. Went in the shirts, and they are often confused with the Mongolian delegation,” said Lobov.   He noted that in the first day, the delegations of Russia and Ukraine placed next to, and “the degree was very high,” but soon the relationship between them is making progress.   “I don’t want to be absolute, but the relationship between the two delegations has changed for the better,” said Lobov in an interview.   Lobov also said that at Breakfast saw the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, which,