Moody’s improved the Outlook of the Russian Federation to stable from negative

International rating Agency Moody’s improved the forecast of Russia from negative to stable. Also confirmed a rating of Russia to speculative level of “Ba1”. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the news Agency.   According to the Agency, this decision was taken after the government’s medium-term strategy for fiscal consolidation. This should reduce the government’s reliance on incomes of sale of oil and gas.   Also, says Moody’s, Russia’s economy began to recover after two years of decline. Photo: imago stock&people / Globallookpress

The Pentagon has acknowledged the legitimacy of the presence of Russian military ship off the coast of the United States

The Pentagon does not perceive the presence of Russian military ship off the coast of the United States in a negative way. This was stated press Secretary of the U.S. Department of defense Jeff Davis.   “It’s legal, and similar operations that we conduct around the world,” Davis quoted by RIA Novosti.   The Pentagon added that the movement of Russian tracked vehicle in the United States.   14 February, media reported about a scout ship SSV-175 “Viktor Leonov”, which appeared in 70 miles off the coast of the state of Delaware. Photo: tema.bartev / Instagram

The source said about the unsuccessful coordination of Putin’s decision to give Isaac ROC

The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko has not agreed to the decision to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) with President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by “Interfax” a senior Federal official Friday, February 17. “It has been agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin, although now the head of state aware of the situation,” — said the source Agency. According to him, surveys have shown that, overall, Russians support the decision to transfer the Cathedral, “but in St. Petersburg this initiative is rejection”. The public opinion survey also showed that a consensus on the transfer of Isaac can be achieved under the condition of sharing the secular authorities and the Russian Orthodox Church, said the source. The transfer of a Cathedral can take more than two years, the time for compromise is, said the official. He added that they may become Church-state partnership which

Putin went to a play based on “the Little Prince” with Khabensky

Gift Savinov, Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Chernyadev Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Sochi on the play “don’t leave their planet”, which opened the tenth international Winter festival arts under the direction of conductor Yuri Bashmet. About it reports TASS on Friday, February 17. The show was created based on the tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupery “the Little Prince”. The statement was developed by Director Viktor Kramer, together with the theater “Contemporary”. The main role takes the Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky. The journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Smirnov wrote on Twitter, alongside Putin in the sitting room of the soloist of the Mariinsky theatre Eugene Chernyadev and the soloist of the Opera of Dara Savinova. “In the episode about Fox Khabensky went into the hall and went to Putin, but not reached. Chose to surprise the other person among the audience,” he said. The festival will last until February 26.

Funeral agents came to another resident of Saratov before the ambulance

In Saratov employees of the funeral service came to one that caused an ambulance to the elderly woman before the medics. The patient by the time he died. About this TASS said the head of the regional Ministry of health Vladimir Shulakov. “The fact was recorded by the ambulance staff. They arrived on time, but a funeral service was already in place. Unfortunately, the doctors only managed to record the death of women,” he said. Soldatov added that the Ministry has already contacted the police. Also there will be an internal investigation. At the end of January in Saratov after a call on emergency number 112 to the home of 92-year-old woman, who was in potential stroke condition, came the hearse of the company Ritual. According to the grandson of the patient, the ambulance arrived an hour after the call. Then he began to receive calls from multiple phones, the