Ukrainians in the prayer Breakfast trump mixed up with the Mongols

One of the participants of the prayer Breakfast at the American President – Executive Director of the University “synergy” Vadim Lobov in an interview with RT told the details of the event.


According to him, the delegation from Ukraine is constantly confused with the Mongols.


“Representatives of the Ukrainian delegation was very much about 70 people. They behaved actively enough. Went in the shirts, and they are often confused with the Mongolian delegation,” said Lobov.


He noted that in the first day, the delegations of Russia and Ukraine placed next to, and “the degree was very high,” but soon the relationship between them is making progress.


“I don’t want to be absolute, but the relationship between the two delegations has changed for the better,” said Lobov in an interview.


Lobov also said that at Breakfast saw the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, which, according to Russian experts, did not manifest itself.


However, the Director of “Synergy” was not able to confirm or deny information about a possible conversation Tymoshenko with trump.


Earlier, former Prime Minister of Ukraine announced that it has been able to talk with the American President, who allegedly “assured her” intention to maintain anti-Russian sanctions.

Photo: Yuliya Timoshenko / Facebook