The state Duma Committee on labor has criticized the bill on a summer Siesta


RIA Novosti

The State Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs has criticized the bill on reducing the working week to 35 hours in summer.

Earlier, a group of deputies proposed to amend the Labour code of the Russian Federation on the reduction of normal working time and increase the duration of breaks for rest and nutrition in the summer. It is proposed to reduce the salaries in accordance with changes in working time.

The members of the Committee voted against the project, in particular, the problem considered the reduction of wages. In addition, according to deputies, in Russia, and so there are Sanitary and other regulations that protect employee’s in the summer from health problems.

“In a legal sense, all resolved, ranging from the Constitution, where it says “the right to work in safe conditions”, the Labour code and secondary legislation regulate at the level of the Sanitary and other acts, departmental and so forth, and collective agreements… but it is a matter of enforcement practice, but not legal regulation”, — said the Deputy Daniel Bessarabov.

MPs in the vote rejected the bill.