Obama set on 12-th place in the rating of US presidents

Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama has won the 12th place in the ranking of the heads of the United States. He publishes the results of its formed channel C-SPAN on your website.

According to him, the most highly valued achievements of Obama in the field of economic regulation (eighth place), worst of all, he distinguished himself in international Affairs (24-e a place) and in the matter of relations with Congress (39th place).

The first place ranking is Abraham Lincoln, the second — George Washington, third to Franklin Roosevelt. Short list, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Franklin pierce.

The ranking is drawn up with the participation of 91 historian and other experts from leading universities in the United States. They rated the presidents on a scale, where one point meant “ineffective” and 10 being “very effective”. Criteria were also ten: the ability to convince the public, management efficiency during the crisis, economic regulation, moral authority, international relations, administrative skills, relations with Congress, understanding and setting the agenda, ensuring universal justice and common indicators, taking into account the current situation.

In mid-January, a few days before the end of President Obama’s term, American Institute of public opinion Gallup announced the results of a poll according to which his popularity rating was 58 percent. The average Obama for the eight years he was in power, was 53 percent. The maximum value was recorded at the inauguration in 2009, when it was approved by 78 percent of Americans, the minimum is 42 per cent — after the elections-2014 Congress.