Became known the identity of the new suspect in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam

Malaysian police disclosed the identity of the fourth suspect in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam — brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. On Saturday, February 18, reports Reuters.

A native of North Korea Ri Jong Chol (Ri Jong Chol) was arrested a day earlier in the state of Selangor. The man 1970 year of birth is suspected of involvement in the death of Kim Jong-Nam. Sources in the government say that at least three other suspects are still at large.

Ri Jong Chol was the first native from North Korea, suspected of the crime. On 15 February it was reported that in connection with the murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN detained the citizen of Myanmar (according to other sources — Vietnam). Was also arrested a resident of Malaysia and a woman from Indonesia.

Kim Jong-Nam — brother, Kim Jong-UN’s father, was not in the DPRK since 2001. He was killed on 13 February at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. From the capital of Malaysia it was going to fly to Macau to his family.

According to investigators, the assassination was attempted by two women, they managed to escape from the crime scene. There are different versions of his murder: brother Korean leader could have been hurt, poisoned needles, splash him with a toxic liquid or to hold the eyes with a poisonous substance swab.