The pilot for the law of Spring

The pilot for the law of Spring

On Friday, February 17, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich will collect a government meeting to discuss with government officials the implementation of the law Spring. This was told “Vedomosti” one of the invited to the meeting. Information on the meeting confirmed the man in the government. According to both interlocutors, the participants will discuss proposals to change the law, prepared by the expert group at the open government.

She was about 19 January of this year to discuss the public initiative for the abolition of the law Spring. The abolition of the group is not supported, but proposed to amend the bylaws of serious clarification. This was discussed in the first version of its conclusion, which was to see “Vedomosti”.

The panel in particular recommended that the government undertake further assessment of the technical, organizational and social aspects of applying the law to store the contents of telephone conversations and Internet traffic

Experts believe it is essential to eliminate redundant traffic information, to be kept, and to consider phasing in periods of storage of the data operators. We are talking about Internet video, IPTV and other content, providing up to 80% of the traffic. The greatest value in storage make text and voice information, followed from the document.

The new version of the opinion prepared for the upcoming meeting, said that the exact costs of the operators on the implementation of the law can be assessed after the launch of this project. By estimates of MTS, it will take about 400 bn annually, according to estimates of the expert group — 100 billion rubles.

The group still sees merit in the introduction of a phased increase in the timing and volume of data storage. Also in the final conclusion, there is a recommendation to support the MTS on the establishment of a pilot project for data storage, which the law requires. On whose networks can be created by such project, is not specified. A person close to the expert group, said that the timing of the law can be shifted to 2019, including for the pilot project.

The expert opinion of the group under the leadership of Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov prepared taking into account the views and opinions of the Ministry of interior, Ministry of communications, Ministry of industry and trade, FAS and FSB, the document says. On the evening of 15 February, the phones of the press service of the interior Ministry and the FSB did not respond. According to an employee of one of the intelligence agencies, he knows that these proposals were sent and law enforcement agencies. Supported whether they are the source, “Vedomosti” says.

MTS and “the Megaphone” support the creation of a pilot zone and is ready to participate in its implementation, say representatives of the operators. This will allow not only to estimate the cost of the project, but also to understand how the priority of different types of stored information to determine whether storage of particular information, consider the storage period, said the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov.

The representative Dvorkovich declined to comment. Representative Abyzov confirmed that the outcome of the discussion on expert advice, it is sent to the government. Its essence, he did not disclose. Representatives of “VimpelCom”, “Rostelecom” and Tele2 declined to comment.

It is logical to organize a pilot project on the networks of Rostelecom as the largest operator of state-owned, said the Advisor of the PIR center Oleg Demidov. With high probability the pilot project will show that the implementation of the law in terms of storage and processing requires a very complex and large-scale set of measures, he said. This, in his opinion, could lead to the fact that the timing of the start of storage will be shifted in 3-4 years either the law will need to undergo considerable adjustments that will limit the list of storage metadata.