Media: mother Yaroshenko sent a letter to Trump asking to release his son

Media: mother Yaroshenko sent a letter to Trump asking to release his son

MOSCOW, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. The mother of the convict in the US pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko Lyubov Yaroshenko sent a letter to the US President Donald Trump with the request to release his son, writes on Thursday the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to available to the edition of the appeal.

The letter was sent via two channels — via DHL Express mail, and diplomatic means. According to the newspaper, Love Yaroshenko asks trump “to hear her pleas for the fate of his son”, whose health undermined by years in prison.

As writes the edition, Lyubov Yaroshenko, the letter urges the American President to be human “to the innocent, the unjustly accused and dying in an American prison to a Russian citizen”.

“Appeals to you the mother of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko. Really glad your difficult victory in the elections and, based on experience, I try to see it as new opportunities for a speedy return of Constantine at Home. A terrible tragedy my son, the pain of his ruined health and life forced me to pray for you, your victory and harmony between our great powers!”, publishes newspaper circulation mother.

Along with text letters Love Yaroshenko also sent evidence in the Russian pilot — 61 sheet in English

This work for several years did the American lawyer Russians Alexey Tarasov, the newspaper said.

“But most importantly — I am afraid that my son may be irreparable. He may just die in prison. Before his arrest in Constantine no problem with health was not. Now he’s got a whole bunch of different diseases, some of them very heavy. To achieve adequate care in prison is simply impossible. I stand before you on my knees begging you to show mercy and to save my son’s life,” she writes.

Previously Love Yaroshenko sent two previous letters to US President Barack Obama with a request to get my son back, but they said the mother of the pilot, remained unanswered.

Yaroshenko was convicted in the United States in 2011 to 20 years in prison on charges of planning the delivery of a large shipment of drugs to the American territory. In the US, the Russian was transferred from Liberia, where he was arrested on may 28, 2010. In April 2016, the court of appeals of new York denied Yaroshenko in the revision of the sentence.