In the Parliament told why deputies are always fighting

Verkhovna Rada Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Chumak explained why his colleagues often fight. According to Chumak, the main reason for the aggressiveness of parliamentary impunity, he said in an interview with TV channel “112 Ukraine”.


“This is the biggest problem that the speaker does not meet the regular standards, not working with rules. And all those fights in the Parliament, which take place, that is also because not responding or the speaker or the parliamentary procedural Committee,” – said Chumak.


The latest brawl in the Verkhovna Rada occurred on 9 February when, during consideration of the new law on the constitutional court , the Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Ivan Melnychuk attacked his own comrades in the faction Sergei Leshchenko.

Video: Andriy Dzindzya / YouTube

Photo: Sergii Kharchenko / Globallookpress