Became known the details of the shootout at the border with the Crimea

The correspondent of the TV channel “Star” from the scene told the details of the shootout at the border with the Crimea.


“The attack happened far away from our CAT. So, none of the Russian guards was injured. But among those who started the fire, there are casualties, according to unconfirmed information, one person was killed and one wounded”, – told the correspondent Victoria Googledance.


For some reason there was a conflict between militants of the Tatar Mejlis and the residents of Kherson region, is still unknown. According to preliminary data, the fray, intervened with the National guard. After that, the men of the battalion Islyamova opened fire with machine guns. Now, according to rumors, these infighting going the representatives of the “Right sector” of Dnipropetrovsk.


Earlier it was reported that between the inhabitants of the Kherson region, located on the border with the Crimea, and representatives of the Tatar Mejlis was an armed conflict. In the shootout one person was killed and another was injured.

Photo: Pacific Press / Globallookpress