The media has identified the top 10 places to travel alone

The media has identified the top 10 places to travel alone

You travel alone, perhaps, help to know about yourself, but nothing beats c journey with your partner.

Even if all went according to plan you can always find a way to support each other, amuse or reassure, to strengthen their Union. The media made up a selection of places where to go together best.

In the first place in a list compiled by travel blog Roamaroo, is South island, New Zealand. Nothing can compare with the splendor of New Zealand. Island trips, the pleasure of seeing spectacular scenery — this could be the adventure of a lifetime. You can also take the helicopter tour of the glaciers, a toboggan run and bungee jumping, says The Independent.

Behind him clubedaputari, South Africa. In the Kruger national Park you can observe wild animals and to Supplement this an unforgettable holiday in thermal Spa resorts, combining with their pleasure from the local cuisine.

Third place — Jordan. Adventurers, history buffs will not be bored here. And how can you be bored, because the local scenery is like from a fairy tale. You can wander around the ancient city of Petra, riding camels in the Sands of Wadi Rum, swim in the Dead sea.

The list also got New Orleans, Thailand, Amsterdam, Cartagena, Portugal, Iceland and Buenos Aires.