In the US, took a picture of an orange alligator

In the US, took a picture of an orange alligator

Predator with orange skin stirred the social network. On closer examination unseen creature was an alligator tangerine color, which was photographed in South Carolina.

The residents of the village noticed unusual alligator near the ponds. Offhand, the length of the predator reached 1.5 M. “Apricot” alligator nicknamed “Treegator,” reports Live Science.

Orange you glad this isn’t gator in your backyard? Orange alligator roams neighborhood

— ABC13 Houston (@abc13houston) February 10, 2017

Alligator-“carrot”, most likely, is the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is the only South Carolina crocodiles, which can live more than 60 years and sometimes grow to 4 m in length.

What could cause an unexpected hue? One explanation — it was covered with rust from steel water pipes where the crocodile could hide in the winter

In addition, the skin of Temperature could affect algae or contaminants in the water. If the colors do not penetrate deeply, it should disappear in a few weeks when the alligator will reset the skin.

“Rusty” crocodiles sometimes come across people on the eye, and South Carolina instance was not the first “escaped from the factory Cheetos”. For example, in 2011, an orange alligator photographed in Venice, Florida.

Expert: #Hanahan”s mysterious orange “Trumpagator” was likely stained by rust or clay. ? #chsnews @GregoryYYee

— The Post and Courier (@postandcourier) February 9, 2017

Environmentalists warn of the witnesses who met rusty crocodiles that despite the cheerful color, they remain dangerous predators, so it is not recommended to approach them with a camera hoping to catch a “juicy” shot.