In Venice launched a traditional carnival

In Venice launched a traditional carnival

The theme of the carnival is declared as “Creative. Vanity fair”.

ROME, February 11. /Offset. TASS Faith Shcherbakov/. The first people in masks and historical costumes appeared in Venice, where given the start of the traditional carnival. Although the main carnival event — “Feast of Mary” and “angel Flight” — is scheduled for next weekend, the city has already begun the celebrations, which collected hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

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This year the theme of the carnival, the artistic Director of which was made by the Director of the show Marco Maccapani declared as “Creative. Vanity fair”. This choice is not accidental — Maccapani worked for many years in the fashion world, organizing the catwalks of such fashion houses like Missoni, Valentino, Versace, Armani. Of course, the fashion touch he has brought to the carnival program, which has planned more than 100 events.

Traditionally the carnival begins on the canals of Venice, where today and Sunday will be water light show on the boats and gondolas.

In the framework of the carnival this year will be another traditional event — the celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14. This year lovers are invited to one of the lagoon island of Lido.

Finally, on 18 February Mari, reminiscent of how in the middle Ages the Saracen have taken 12 of the most beautiful girls of the Venetian Republic, which was liberated by soldiers of her ruler — the Doge. The winner of this procession are given the opportunity to play the role of angel, which annually heralds the beginning of carnival, going down from the almost 100-metre high bell tower in St. Mark’s square. To this day the spectacle was watched by a record number of spectators.

Until February 28, “fat Tuesday”, the last day before the Catholic lent, the Venice is immersed in street performances, concerts, shows

A special programme traditionally prepares the famous Venetian theatre “La Fenice”.

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Russian notes

As in previous years, the carnival of Venice there are Russian participants. Students of directing at the Russian Director and teacher, artistic Director of the Bolshoi drama theatre of a name of Tovstonogova in St.-Petersburg Andrey Moguchiy will take part in a street pageant the masquerade ball.

In the framework of the project “Russian cultural mission”, which is carried out by the Russian Centre of film festivals and international programs at the Venice venues will include ballet soloists of the Moscow state academic children’s musical theatre named N. I. Sats. They will present choreography from famous ballets “Russian seasons” Diaghilev’s “Firebird”, “Petrushka”, “Les Sylphides”, staged by people’s artist of Russia Andris Liepa.

History of the carnival and modernity

The carnival of Venice is one of the oldest in the world, its origins reach back to the early middle Ages. During the heyday of the Venetian Republic (V — con. XVIII), the Venetians wore masks from October until fat Tuesday, when the city was not the most plausible actions: wives cheating on husbands dressed aristocrats seducing protruding, masked men robbed passers-by.

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It is noteworthy that the tradition of carnival festivities abolished Napoleon after the deposition of the Doge. It was revived only in the 1970-ies of the last century, a new period of “liberation” from the conventions, the waves of feminism and the sexual revolution, but only on a commercial basis.

Many participants of the carnival are now wrong interpretiruya the value of the historical masks. So, the most popular and well-known “mask of Casanova” is called “Bauta” named monster, which frightened the children. And the cat’s mask “Naga”, which is now preferred by women, was exclusively male.

The current carnival costume is obligatory supplemented by historical dress, and the cost can reach several thousand euros.

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Security measures

The city government adopted a special anti-terrorist action plan. Increased security measures will act not only on the island of Venice where St. Mark’s square are on duty police officers in masks, but in the mainland of Mestre, Marghera, where already put up protective barriers to prevent unauthorized passage of large vehicles.

Tightened control at the station of Santa Lucia and trains arriving in Venice.