Media published a letter from the organizer of the September 11 attacks Obama

Media published a letter from the organizer of the September 11 attacks Obama

MOSCOW, February 9 — RIA Novosti. In the United States partially released the 18-page letter to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who U.S. authorities believe the main organizer of the attacks of September 11, 2001.


The message is addressed to ex-President Barack Obama, reports the Miami Herald.

In the letter, Mohammed argues that Washington itself is to blame for the 9/11 terrorist attacks for their foreign policy, which “has killed innocent people around the world.” Commenting on the events of 11 September, Mohamed also writes that “we did not start the war against you” in the day of the attacks. According to his statement, did “you and your dictators in our country.”

In the letter, Mohammed refers to Obama as “the head of the snake” and the President, “the country of oppression and tyranny.”

Made public a letter dated January 2015. But initially jailers at Guantanamo refused to forward the message to Mohammed. In September of that year, the attorney asked the judge to intervene, arguing that the accused has the right to appeal to the President. The military court agreed.

In the letter the man said that is not afraid neither a death sentence nor life in prison, and “will never ask for mercy.”

“I’d love to be one in the chamber to pray to Allah the rest of your life and repent for all sins. But if your court will sentence me to death, with even greater joy of meeting Allah and the prophets, you will see your friends that you were unfairly killed around the world, and see Sheikh Osama bin Laden”.

Born in Kuwait, Mohammed the letter also lists of U.S. intervention abroad “from Iraq and Iran to Vietnam and Hiroshima”.

According to his lawyer, he began writing it in 2014, when Israel conducted a military operation in the Gaza strip. “Violence in Gaza” has become the main motive for writing the letter.

In the beginning of the letter he tells Obama that he “still hands in the blood of our brothers, sisters and children being killed” in the region.