Destroy for 300 seconds: there was a video of the pogrom in Kiev show

In the Internet appeared the video was destroyed in the Kiev exhibition devoted to the negative results of the Maidan. Recall that a few hours earlier a group of unknown in masks broke into the Center for visual culture in the capital of Ukraine and defeated all the exhibits of the exhibition “Lost opportunity.” Its author questioned the results of the “Maidan”. About it write RIA Novosti.


According to the employee of the centre, the attackers destroyed all that was in the room, including the heater. And it is for five minutes “the whole time while they were in office, they shook our door, wanted to break down, fortunately, they failed,” she said.


The criminals managed to escape before the police arrived. According to the worker of the center, the attackers were dressed so “dress up as members of far-right groups.”


We will remind, the exhibition “Lost opportunity” artist David Chichkan, dedicated to the Euromaidan and the situation after the “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine. According to the author of a series of works, “square” is a missed opportunity to carry out a social revolution.

Video: Olga Papash/ YouTube

Photo: “Gromadske radio”