Adviser to trump called issues that the United States will cooperate with Russia

Adviser of the us President, Kelliann Conway confirmed that Donald trump is willing and ready to cooperate with Russia in combating illicit grouping “Islamic state”. However, on this issue trump will work with other countries. She said this in an interview with CNN.


According to her, if the US can hand in hand to work on the destruction of radical terrorism, against ISIS, trump is willing to join hands with other countries in which the same tasks, including the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.


However, the adviser to the American leader once again denied press statement about that trump and Putin — “best friends forever”.


Earlier, the trump in his Twitter statement, he was not familiar with Putin and does not conduct business in Russia. So the current occupant of the White house reacted to the constant criticisms of the public about the too favorable attitude to Russia.


“Islamic state” is an international terrorist group, in the summer of 2014 proclaimed the Caliphate on the captured territories of Syria and Iraq. Its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited. The militants regularly execute the hostages and alleged spies Syria, Israel and Egypt. Accurate information about the number of militants not exist, their number is estimated at 50 – 200 thousand.

Video: CNN / Twitter

Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK Star