In the Urals tractor leveled a snowy hill with children

In the Urals, a scandal erupted due to the demolition of snow hill where children were playing. The incident, which is already interested in the Sverdlovsk regional office of public Prosecutor, occurred in the town of Kachkanar on January 28, RIA Novosti reported.


As seen in the frames of the video, which is posted online, the utility pull down the local snow town, at a time when there are a lot of visitors. Kids don’t pay attention to what is happening and continue to play in front of the bulldozer blade. Only by a lucky chance done without victims.


Frightened parents are trying to divert children from the Playground, but they perceive the work of heavy equipment, as an attraction, and a fun jump on the moving drifts. Feat of labor, the utility did at the weekend, when residents decided to entertain families in the snowy town.


In the danger zone, no fence, no warning about the planned works. So kids do not feel threatened. The employee of municipal service is trying to ban filming.


In a press-service of the Supervisory body announced that the results of the inspection will assess the actions of individuals, relevant to this work.

Video: TV – news Rus/ YouTube