In the Federation Council called for an end to PR Ukraine

Andrei Klimov

Kiev is trying by all means to recover the location of the world’s leaders, have to help him, said Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimau. His position, he shared the conversation with “” on Thursday, February 2, commenting on the intention of Kiev to convey to the international criminal court (ICC), one of the bullets allegedly got into the plane, the Navy An-26 during the “firing” in the Black sea.

“I think we every time PR Ukraine, our reaction is not necessary, because there are people today difficult position — they have ceased to notice. If we are going to notice them more than necessary, we will actually play by their rules,” said the Senator.

In his opinion, if the bullet will take as evidence that the Russian side someone needs to introduce at trial. At the same time Klimov stressed that the story of the plane is another attempt of the Kiev authorities to attract attention to himself. “Ukraine today, for many geopolitical players — broken card” — he concluded.

Earlier Thursday, it appeared that Kyiv will appeal to the international criminal court in connection with the incident with An-26. The Ukrainian defense Ministry claim that on 1 February the aircraft was fired upon with small arms from Russian drilling rigs in the district of Odessa gas field.

At the headquarters of the black sea fleet (BSF) said that the Ukrainian aircraft carried out two provocative approach to an extremely low height rig “Tavrida” and “Crimea-1”. The security guard the drilling platform had to four light signal from a signal pistol to prevent a possible crash.