In Kiev, an attack on people’s artist of Ukraine

In Kiev, unknown assailants attacked a people’s artist of Ukraine, Opera singer Natalia Shelepnytska. About the incident, which occurred on 28 January, reports the website of”Komsomolskaya Pravda”.


According to journalists, the artist first punctured wheel of a car parked at a shopping center, with the result that she was soon forced to stop at the curb. At this point, and was attacked: the attackers smashed the glass of the car, pulled personal bag Shelepnytska, then disappeared.


“Upon reaching the gas station, I was forced to stay on the sidelines, because the car is already very led to the right. She called her husband, and in a moment the perp screaming knocked out the side window, grabbed the bag and ran,” – told details of the incident the victim.


According to the singer, the stolen bag had her money, house keys and documents.

Photo: Nataliya Shelepnytska/ Official facebook