Mara Baghdasaryan holed up in the hospital after the new traffic violations

Muscovite Mara Baghdasaryan, sentenced to almost 600 hours of labor over the systematic violation of traffic rules, is in the hospital. Where she went immediately after he served 15 days of administrative arrest. About this site “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said the father of the violator, Elmar Baghdasaryan.


“We are now in the hospital: brought Mara to the survey. On the weekend of rest, and Monday – back to work,” he told the publication by phone.


On the eve of the car Mary was detained again in violation of: he rode on forbidding signal of the traffic light. According to the girl’s father, behind the wheel was her boyfriend.


“I went with a friend, I got caught up, slipped on a red light. The car was Mary, but behind the wheel sat a man. They stopped, made the report. Other, of course, not at her. She now doesn’t drive,” – said the source publication.


Monday, he returned to hard labor, from attendance which she was behind bars. The girl will work in the housing office on the Falcon.


At the same time, the Moscow Prosecutor demands to deprive Baghdasaryan human life. The reason he called her state of health, which does not allow the speaker to operate the vehicle.