The representative of Russia has told about results of the first day of Syrian peace talks

Director of the middle East Department of the MFA of Russia Sergey Vershinin (center), special envoy of the President of Russia Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev (right)

First day of Syrian peace talks in Astana were successful. As reported by RIA Novosti, said at a press conference the head of the Russian delegation, Alexander Lavrentiev.

“Despite the fact that initially, the tension was quite high, but after all parties have demonstrated a reasonable approach, tried in the end to avoid any action that could be put on the line to disrupt this very important as we consider events of international resonance”, — he said.

Thus, according to Lavrentiev, the level of distrust on the part of the Syrian armed opposition in the negotiations in Astana on Syria faded, they realized that Russia is a reliable partner.

At the same time to bring delegations of the Syrian authorities and the opposition for the immediate direct negotiations failed. “Despite the fact that we were not able to directly provide direct talks between the two Syrian delegations in the framework of this forum in one room, however, it is noteworthy that they were at the opening, looking into each other’s eyes, listened to the greeting, listened to the statements which were said to them”, — said the Lavrentiev.

Uncoordinated issues in the talks on Syria, according to him, remain questions of the cessation of hostilities, disengagement with terrorist organizations and the joint fight against terrorism.

Monday, January 23 in Astana a two-day talks on Syria with the participation of official Damascus, the armed Syrian opposition, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the UN. The meeting began with a plenary session. Thereafter, the parties proceeded to discussions. The talks will resume at 10:00 local time (7:00 GMT).

The main questions that need to be addressed during the meeting, the consolidation of the ceasefire and advance the political negotiation process for an organization meeting in Geneva on 8 February.