The Polish foreign Ministry has published a secret document 2008 change course on Pro

Foreign Ministry of Poland has published a scoping document, dated 2008, titled “Theses on Poland’s policy towards Russia and Ukraine,” reported TASS with reference to the Polish Press Agence.


It is noted that as of 2008, access to the document had only four employees of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland, including the head of the diplomacy Radislav Sikorski. According to the authors of the “Theses”, the transition of the Polish foreign policy on the “Pro side” would be beneficial for the country due to many circumstances.


The lively dialogue of Poland and the Russian Federation would have great political value, because it would give the country an opportunity to become a bridge between the West and the former Soviet Union, the authors of the “Theses on Poland’s policy towards Russia and Ukraine.”


“Abstracting from the huge economic interests of Poland in Russia, concerning not only energy plays an important role in the Polish-Russian and Russian-European relations, as well as mutual cultural and intellectual interest, you should note that dialogue with Russia is a great political value for Poland”, – the document says.


To act against Ukraine, the authors of the document propose “pragmatic and friendly critical” despite low chances of this country having “post-Soviet features” integration with Europe. It is noted that the document gained the approval of then foreign Minister Sikorski.


The current Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski negatively assessed research note.


“The authors of this document felt that a Pro-Russian position will be a tool, a trick to West, so as to improve their reputation,” – said Waszczykowski.