The Polish foreign Ministry has declassified 2008 report on the transition to a Pro-Russian course

The Polish foreign Ministry has declassified the report of the “Theses on politics of the Republic in relation to Russia and Ukraine,” which refers to the country’s transition to a Pro-Russian policy. On Monday, January 23, reports PAP.

The document, dated March 4, 2008, signed by the head of the Department for Eastern policy of the Agency Yaroslav Bratkevich. Access to the material had only four people, including who was at that time the post of Minister of foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski.

“The authors of the document decided that the Pro-Russian position of Poland will be a certain kind of tool, the trick towards the West, so as to improve the reputation”, — commented on the acting foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski. However, he added that “Ukraine proposes integration, and pseudobase with the West, the fictitious integration”, reports TASS.

As stated in the document, the country has a stereotype that Russia is an eternal enemy of Poland. It is noted that Moscow considers the West “as an important ally in the confrontation with Islamic radicalism and terrorism but also as an important source of raw materials, which could significantly support economically the Western world”.

“Abstracting from the huge economic interests of Poland in Russia, concerning not only energy, but also mutual cultural and intellectual interest, you should note that dialogue with Russia is a great political value for Poland”, — emphasized in the material. The authors suggested that by using reliable information about Russia, “Warsaw will be able to influence the General policy of the EU and the West in relation to Russia and the former Soviet space”.

Concerning Ukraine, the document States that Warsaw “has succumbed to the tactics of the Ukrainian elite”. The authors proposed to act pragmatically and “critical friend” with a realistic understanding of the opportunities and the chances of Kiev to strengthen ties with the Western world. “It must take seriously the fact that in the long term, Ukraine may not obtain EU membership”, — stated in the text.

November 9 this year during the ceremony of presenting credentials, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressing the new Polish Ambassador said that relations between the two countries is hardly satisfactory, but Moscow is ready to change things for the better.

Waszczykowski, in turn, has put forward a number of conditions for normalization of relations with Russia. According to him, to return to a pragmatic and respectful relationship Moscow to return the wreckage of the plane Tu-154M of President Lech Kaczynski and to lift economic sanctions.