Kurier: because of the sanctions the EU has lost “the Paradise of the Russian market”

The German newspaper Kurier published an article in which the author argues that the EU itself to blame for the fact that its farmers are suffering huge losses from the loss of the “Paradise of the Russian market,” RIA Novosti reported. The fact that Russia managed to overcome the negative effects of economic sanctions, but the EU still suffer multimillion-dollar losses from those of our country’s countermeasures.   As written by columnist Irmgarde intestine, referring to the former commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy in Russia Dietmar Fellner, Russian consumers, who had previously been willing to buy high-quality foreign products in any quantities, now became more critical and frugal, so foreign firms will be quite hard to return to the Russian market.   Another problem for the departed from the country farmers mill launched by the Russian government policy of import substitution, said in the article. Photo: A. Laule /

We need to defeat ISIS, there is no other choice – trump

The President of the United States Donald trump today during his visit to the headquarters of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley stated the need to destroy banned in several countries, including in Russia, the terrorist group “Islamic state”. It is reported by RIA Novosti.   “We need to get rid of ISIS, otherwise we have no choice… Radical Islamic terrorism needs to be wiped off the face of the earth,” said trump, speaking to the CIA.   Earlier the new US administration has stated that the priority of American foreign policy is the destruction of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. Photo: Ahrar_Lens / Twitter

German foreign Minister: with the advent of the trump state of Affairs in the world will finally change

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier to the Bild newspaper commented on coming to power in the US Republican Donald trump. He noted that after the American people chose trump finally changed the previous state of Affairs in world politics.   “With the election of Donald trump finally ended the old world of the twentieth century. What notions about the (the world. – approx. ed.) will be established in the twenty-first century, how will the world look like tomorrow, not predefined, it remains open,” – said Steinmeier.   According to him, at this moment in world politics “at stake is very much,” and from the incumbent depends on what will be a new world. Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka / Globallookpress

The United States refused to send a delegation to the Syrian talks in Astana

The United States decided not to send a delegation for talks on Syria in Astana. On Saturday, January 21, reports Reuters with reference to the state Department. The U.S. state Department spokesman mark Toner said that the country will be the us Ambassador to Kazakhstan, George Krol. “Because held on the inauguration of the President and transfer of power delegation from Washington will not be present at the conference in Astana”, — said the speaker. Meanwhile, in Astana with representatives of Russia, Turkey and Iran, reports “Interfax”. The arrival of the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura is expected in the night of January 22. Representatives of the government of Syria will arrive on Sunday. The beginning of negotiations scheduled for 23 January.

Trump gave a speech before employees of the CIA

Donald Trump The US President Donald trump on his first full day arrived at the headquarters of the CIA in Virginia, reports the Associated Press. Trump addressed a speech to the 400 employees of the Department. The President called them “truly valuable and amazing professionals.” A priority for the CIA trump has described the fight against Islamic terrorism, reports Reuters. The head of state gave intelligence officers the respect and denied that he is feuding with the intelligence community. According to trump, this feud was invented by the media. Earlier, trump criticized the intelligence services, accusing Russia of trying to help him in the elections and prevent leaks about the report, which stated that Russia has the trump dirt. January 6 was published declassified version of the report prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA, in which he argued that Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign to influence the

The mayor of London joined the women’s March against trump

Sadiq Khan The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, joined a mass protest March against trump, which takes place in the English capital. On Saturday, January 21, reports TASS. The demonstrators marched from the U.S. Embassy in London to Trafalgar square, chanting: “Build bridges, not walls”. Some of them carried placards with inscriptions, “Stop trump, No racism, no Trump”. Also, the action was attended by British actress Rebecca Hall, deputies from the labour party, Yvette Cooper and Harriet Harman. According to the organizers, the March joined by about 80 thousand people. Protests against trump were held across the UK and in other countries. In Helsinki and Stockholm, protesters gathered for a rally. According to Reuters, women’s marches were held worldwide, in particular in Berlin, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Geneva, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo. A protest March was held in Washington, and in Canada took place thousands rally in support of

The Rostov Governor has given a newborn elephant vegetable cake

The Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev, visited the zoo of Rostov-on-don, where he was born Asian elephant. It is reported by the regional Internet publishing 161.ru. The name of the newborn, at the suggestion Golubeva, chosen by the inhabitants of the region. “We’ll have a vote and choose the most suitable option. Due to the fact that 2017 is the Year of the environment, we consulted and decided that the baby elephant’s name should be the syllable “eco”” he said. For the elephant family, prepared vegetable cakes — baskets of pumpkins filled with fruits and vegetables, the newspaper notes. The Governor did not personally give gifts, and handed them through the employee of the zoo. The head of the region also showed a bison calf named Fly and his mother (the father of the baby, as the newspaper notes, has died due to the fact that he was feeding

Lipetsk Governor dubbed Roshen “Poroshenko sore”

Oleg Korolev All dismissed employees of confectionery factory Roshen in Lipetsk region, owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, will be employed, promised the Governor of the region Oleg Korolev. On Friday, January 20 reports video News Service. He said that previously worked on the production of 1,800 people, at present, there remain 700 people. “But we have a lot more jobs than unemployed, so have all. Plant and factory remain in place, settle down it slowly. How to work out — not for me to judge, it’s up to him, Poroshenko, to deal with their sore. Will survive”, — said Korolev. According to the head of the Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners Yuri Katznelson, the incident will not have any impact on the Russian market. “The share of this factory in the Russian market is insignificant. If not the name of its owner, anyone would, the news didn’t stir,”

In the state Duma reported about the analysis of “legal debris”

The state Duma of the seventh convocation have already successfully dealt with the primary “legal obstructions” that it inherited from its predecessors. About TASS said the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev, summing up the plenary of the second week of January. Thus, according to him, the deputies show a differentiated approach to all initiatives, regardless of their authorship, and in detail discuss socially important documents, even recommended by the relevant committees to be rejected. “I want to say that we have a very differentiated approach to all the laws and if the laws are obviously serious, meaningful social nature, even if we do not believe it is possible to take them in this edition, we still discuss them in detail,” — said Isayev. He also said that the parliamentary majority “takes a differentiated approach to the bills of the opposition.” According to him, “some say

Illusions change U.S. foreign policy when there is no trump, said Tolstoy

Photo: News.Ru Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy believes that it is strange to hope that the U.S. foreign policy, which developed over decades, could change with the arrival of Donald trump. The inauguration of the 45th President of the United States Donald trump will be held on January 20. “As for the illusions and expectations, they could not change because they were not. The U.S. foreign policy was based for decades and has not changed under a President. Why would it be strange to hope that trump will be able to change something,” said Tolstoy RIA Novosti. He noted that it is hardly possible to raise the question of how good or bad trump for Russia. “It is not our President, so we discussed it, and he will defend US interests, not ours. About how it was good or not, let them think US citizens, and we should