Kurier: because of the sanctions the EU has lost “the Paradise of the Russian market”

The German newspaper Kurier published an article in which the author argues that the EU itself to blame for the fact that its farmers are suffering huge losses from the loss of the “Paradise of the Russian market,” RIA Novosti reported. The fact that Russia managed to overcome the negative effects of economic sanctions, but the EU still suffer multimillion-dollar losses from those of our country’s countermeasures.


As written by columnist Irmgarde intestine, referring to the former commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy in Russia Dietmar Fellner, Russian consumers, who had previously been willing to buy high-quality foreign products in any quantities, now became more critical and frugal, so foreign firms will be quite hard to return to the Russian market.


Another problem for the departed from the country farmers mill launched by the Russian government policy of import substitution, said in the article.

Photo: A. Laule / Globallookpress