The Rostov Governor has given a newborn elephant vegetable cake

The Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev, visited the zoo of Rostov-on-don, where he was born Asian elephant. It is reported by the regional Internet publishing

The name of the newborn, at the suggestion Golubeva, chosen by the inhabitants of the region. “We’ll have a vote and choose the most suitable option. Due to the fact that 2017 is the Year of the environment, we consulted and decided that the baby elephant’s name should be the syllable “eco”” he said.

For the elephant family, prepared vegetable cakes — baskets of pumpkins filled with fruits and vegetables, the newspaper notes. The Governor did not personally give gifts, and handed them through the employee of the zoo.

The head of the region also showed a bison calf named Fly and his mother (the father of the baby, as the newspaper notes, has died due to the fact that he was feeding bread to the visitors of the zoo). Golubev scratched the calf’s ears.

In September last year, a Zebra born in the Crimean private zoo, called the Duma after the elections to the lower house of Parliament. In addition, there are Zebra named Russia as well as a couple of tigers Referendum and Spring.