Lipetsk Governor dubbed Roshen “Poroshenko sore”

Oleg Korolev

All dismissed employees of confectionery factory Roshen in Lipetsk region, owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, will be employed, promised the Governor of the region Oleg Korolev. On Friday, January 20 reports video News Service.

He said that previously worked on the production of 1,800 people, at present, there remain 700 people. “But we have a lot more jobs than unemployed, so have all. Plant and factory remain in place, settle down it slowly. How to work out — not for me to judge, it’s up to him, Poroshenko, to deal with their sore. Will survive”, — said Korolev.

According to the head of the Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners Yuri Katznelson, the incident will not have any impact on the Russian market. “The share of this factory in the Russian market is insignificant. If not the name of its owner, anyone would, the news didn’t stir,” said he in an interview to a National news service (NSN).

In the Kremlin, in turn, said that such matters are entirely in the hands of its owners.

Earlier on Friday, the Ukrainian company Roshen has announced the upcoming suspension of production at the Lipetsk confectionery factory in Russia. The closure was explained by economic and political reasons.

In January of this year it became known that the National Agency for combating corruption (NACP) of Ukraine began checking Poroshenko on the initiative of the former Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin, who found that the head of state had concealed in his Declaration of “conflict of interest in the war with Russia.”

In October 2016, on the website of the Roshen Corporation, it was reported that in the years 2014-2016, the company received and brought to Ukraine, $ 72 million of dividends from the work of factory in the Russian Lipetsk. Also it was explained that this amount in the budget of Ukraine was paid 125,6 million (about five million dollars) in taxes.

After unsuccessful attempts to sell the holding Poroshenko at the beginning of 2016 to have transferred the shares he owns Roshen in the trust of the Rothschilds.