Daily Mail predicted a Russian victory over the British army in one day

British Prime Minister Theresa may on a military base

Reducing the military budget robs the army of Britain to remain an effective fighting force. To such conclusion experts of the Center for historical analysis and conflict research (CHACR), writes Daily Mail Sunday, January 22.

“Cuts in defense spending leads to the fact that the only remaining combat unit in the British army can be completely destroyed in one day by a “competent enemy” such as Russia”, — quotes the edition of the abstracts from the report.

According to experts, the decrease of funding leads to the depletion of army capabilities, especially in terms of confrontation serious threats. “Although the report acknowledges that the UK does not threaten the immediate direct assault, it is also noted that the country could be dragged into the conflict”, — the newspaper writes. It is specified, that involvement in conflicts is possible in the case of aggression against the allies of London, or “strategically important countries”.

Earlier on Sunday, the media reported that the UK for the first time in four years the launch of Intercontinental ballistic missiles Trident II D5 was unsuccessful. According to The Sunday Times, the exercises were held in June 2016 near the coast of Florida, but their failure became known only now. The sources suggest that the missile launched from submarine, off course and flew towards US.

At the end of December The Telegraph reported that the British armed forces are preparing to reduce costs, despite the previously announced increase in funding. Sources explained that due to the devaluation of the pound sterling against the dollar has ordered the arming of American production would cost “much more than before.” In this regard, the army, according to media reports, forced to resort to more savings than planned.