The Ministry supported the idea to restrict cash payments

Maxim Topilin

The Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin endorsed the idea of limiting expensive purchases for cash. It is reported by TASS on Sunday, January 22.

The labor Minister stressed that, in his opinion, is “very right decision”. “Where are you abroad buy something expensive with cash? There is 500 euros anywhere to change it is impossible”, — said Topilin.

Yesterday, 21 January, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has proposed to limit the cash payments to make the Russian economy more transparent. “Through this tool could collect more taxes,” explained the Minister of Finance its position.

In the beginning of the year cash payments for amounts over 1.8 thousand dollars was prohibited in the Ukraine. The national Bank explained the decision necessity of development of cashless payments.

In Russia, the idea of limiting expensive purchases for cash were discussed in 2012 with the participation of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance. In the state Duma introduced the relevant bill, but the document was not adopted.