The defense Ministry calls the new civil

Photo: Vasily Maximov / Kommersant As it became known “Kommersant”, the Ministry of defence is considering the decommissioning of Tu-154, Tu-134 and Il-62M used in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Replacing them can become the new Tu-214 and SSJ 100. For the industry-the company “Tupolev” and “Civil planes Dry” — the order is extremely beneficial because it ensures capacity utilization at the plants in Kazan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, respectively. Prospects Balk at the financial question: the Minister instructed to study it so that the military did not have to seek additional funds. That Sergei Shoigu instructed to study the possibility of replacing the passenger aircraft Tu-154, Tu-134 and Il-62M on new Russian counterparts, “b” told the sources close to the defense Ministry, as well as several top managers of aviation enterprises. According to them, this issue was raised by the Minister during one of the departmental meetings at the beginning

Black surprise: how Mazilu from NATO abandoned the drone near Anapa

The quiet offseason the small resort village of Blagoveshchenskaya near Anapa was recently broken an amazing story. On the local beach (by the way, considered to be the only one in Russia created by natural sediment sand) threw away a unique find – a device that resembled a small plane. Caused on a scene representatives of field services and law enforcement agencies, he identified an unusual “gift of the sea” unmanned aerial vehicle, according to the inscriptions on Board of which managed to establish its brand – Airbus Direct Targets.   A little later, were announced early guesses about how the drone could be the resort village. According to some experts, the reason for his appearance was unsuccessful using the device of the NATO military, which used the UAV as a target during a recent exercise in the Western part of the Black sea.         Daddy, daddy,

“Bi-bi-si”: Peskov said that the presence of competition, Putin would benefit Russia

MOSCOW, January 20. /TASS/. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov is confident that Russia could use the presence of serious opposition, which could compete with the current head of state Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections of 2018. A fragment from an interview Peskov channel “bi-Bi-si”, which will be released on January 21, issued today the Russian service “bi-Bi-si”. Speaking about the possible nomination of opposition leader Alexei Navalny for the upcoming presidential election, Peskov said: “I think that Russia would benefit if we had a serious opposition with a serious approach, experienced professionals, and politicians who could compete with the current government in the person of President Putin, who supports 90% of the population.”

China has offered foreign diplomats a walk around the prison

Head of the coordination group of the Communist party of China to apprehend fugitive corrupt officials, Liu Jianchao suggested that foreign diplomats tour in prison, so they can ensure that ekstrudirovannye in the PRC offenders were kept in appropriate conditions. About it reports Reuters. The corresponding statement Liu made at a meeting with heads of foreign embassies and consulates. According to the Agency, the event was organized by the Central Commission for CPC discipline inspection, attended by representatives of 113 of 13 diplomatic missions and international organizations. Materials on теме12:36 may 12, 2014Hunting for throwball with bureaucratic corruption in China has hit the economy The meeting was also addressed by the Chairman of the Commission From Yilan, which reminded foreign diplomats that the issue of runaway corrupt officials demand not only Chinese law but also the laws of other countries. The event was also announced the latest results of the

Hurrying to call the ambulance knocked down and killed a pensioner in Krasnodar

In Krasnodar the ambulance going to a call, struck and killed a pensioner crossing the road. On Thursday, January 19, reports the The accident occurred on the farm of Lenin (included in the boundaries of the city of Krasnodar) at 6:19 am. 69-year-old man fell under the wheels of the car of physicians, from the received traumas has died on the spot. Police checks to establish the circumstances of the accident. The driver of the car said that driving along the road where there is a restriction with an allowed speed. To confirm his words the police will interview the paramedic who was in the car and analyse the data of GLONASS. In December 2016 in Yekaterinburg ambulance collided at the intersection with a Toyota Land Cruiser, driven by 19-year-old driver. A motorist and his passenger received no injuries, two physician was in the hospital.

Matviyenko confirmed the possibility of the abolition of the “law Dima Yakovlev”

Photo: RIA Novosti The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that Russia is ready to dialogue with the U.S. on the “law of Dima Yakovlev”. This is reported by the Rambler/news with reference to “Interfax”. Matvienko assured that this law is not Russia’s goal. According to her, it will be cancelled, if the state will guarantee protection of life, health and rights of Russian children, as well as cooperate with Russian diplomats and representatives of the services who will monitor the conditions in which children live. Also, the speaker of the Federation Council, said that the ECHR decision on the claim of the Americans who fell under the “law of Dima Yakovlev” is not legitimate. Matvienko has reminded that the USA are not part of the European Convention: the States have signed the UN Convention on the protection of children, but has not ratified it. Earlier, the European

The expert said, do make friends Russia and the United States

Deputy Director of the Centre for comprehensive European and international studies Higher school of Economics Dmitry Suslov in an interview with RIA Novosti said that the period of improving relations between Russia and the United States will not last more than two or three years. “Apple of discord” will likely be China and Iran.   “Probably, the main problem of Russian-American relations over the last few years has been the U.S. commitment to a policy of regime change. First, from the point of view of Russia the same policy the Obama administration is adhered to in relation to Moscow. Secondly, from the point of view of Russia, this policy has a very destabilizing”, — said Suslov.   Today, according to experts, trump does not look like a person who supports this direction of Obama administration policy. And probably will be less interested in further fueling the conflicts in Syria and

“Bi-bi-si”: Peskov said about the regular reflection of Russian cyberattacks from the US, UK and Germany

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov © AP Photo/Seth Wenig MOSCOW, January 20. /TASS/. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian daily reflect hundreds coming from Western countries of cyber-attacks. A fragment from an interview Peskov channel “bi-Bi-si”, which will be released on January 21, spreaded the Russian service “bi-Bi-si”.

Things Obama out of the White house in his absence

About 100 people will be involved in the replacement in the White house things the outgoing President Barack Obama on the property of his successor, Donald trump. About this newspaper New York Times. The relocation will begin on January 20 immediately after at exactly 12:00 local time on the 45th US President will be sworn in. All you will need to finish ASAP, while Obama and trump will be at the ceremony, so, as the newspaper notes, the process will resemble a military operation. On the morning of January 20, Obama will say goodbye to staff leaving the White house. Part of his things have been removed, the rest will remove one big truck and the other takes the assets of trump. According to Betty Monkman serving in the White house for nearly 30 years, in such a situation simultaneously is a lot to do: maids taking out closets and

Sands answered the question about the nomination of Putin for a new term

Dmitry Peskov The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that she would like Vladimir Putin’s candidacy for another presidential term. He said this in the program Hard Talk on BBC which will be shown January 21. Excerpts from it results on Friday, January 20, RIA Novosti. “Even during our first interview in 2004, I told you that as a citizen of the Russian Federation I hope he makes the decision to go for a new term,” — said Peskov. Speaking about participation in the presidential elections of 2018 Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin’s spokesman expressed confidence that Russia would benefit from the availability of experienced opposition that is able to compete with Putin. At the same time, Peskov noted that he did not have the right to decide whether to allow Navalny to campaign. “To guarantee or not to guarantee it can only be our head of Central election