Things Obama out of the White house in his absence

About 100 people will be involved in the replacement in the White house things the outgoing President Barack Obama on the property of his successor, Donald trump. About this newspaper New York Times.

The relocation will begin on January 20 immediately after at exactly 12:00 local time on the 45th US President will be sworn in. All you will need to finish ASAP, while Obama and trump will be at the ceremony, so, as the newspaper notes, the process will resemble a military operation.

On the morning of January 20, Obama will say goodbye to staff leaving the White house. Part of his things have been removed, the rest will remove one big truck and the other takes the assets of trump. According to Betty Monkman serving in the White house for nearly 30 years, in such a situation simultaneously is a lot to do: maids taking out closets and bathrooms linen and cosmetics, as chefs prepare food.

The family Obama is following a healthy diet, so the 44th President on the Desk in the oval office always stood a dish with apples and almonds. Trump, by contrast, prefers fast food, including chips, so responsible for the menu, the staff are given instructions.

The new President has the right to decorate the room of the White house according to your taste. Trump is going to replace in the oval office curtains, it does not like their dark red color.

The Obama family plan after his inauguration not to return to the White house, and to go on vacation.

The new head of the United States intends to arrive at his official residence in the afternoon of Friday after a dinner on Capitol hill. His wife, Melanie expressed a desire to remain in new York to nine of Trumps Barron completed the school year in his usual private school in Manhattan.