The defense Ministry calls the new civil


Vasily Maximov / Kommersant

As it became known “Kommersant”, the Ministry of defence is considering the decommissioning of Tu-154, Tu-134 and Il-62M used in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Replacing them can become the new Tu-214 and SSJ 100. For the industry-the company “Tupolev” and “Civil planes Dry” — the order is extremely beneficial because it ensures capacity utilization at the plants in Kazan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, respectively. Prospects Balk at the financial question: the Minister instructed to study it so that the military did not have to seek additional funds.

That Sergei Shoigu instructed to study the possibility of replacing the passenger aircraft Tu-154, Tu-134 and Il-62M on new Russian counterparts, “b” told the sources close to the defense Ministry, as well as several top managers of aviation enterprises. According to them, this issue was raised by the Minister during one of the departmental meetings at the beginning of January, and then doing his Deputy for armaments Yuri Borisov. “Now there are consultations with the industry, selected best options,” added the defense Ministry. In a press-service of the Ministry of industry and trade “Kommersant” reported that “no documents from the defense Ministry to the Ministry had not received”, but stressed: enterprises of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) can manufacture and supply for the needs of Ministry of defense aircraft Tu-214, Tu-204SM, Superjet 100 and Il-96-300. “Specific details, including model airplanes and possible, belong to the sphere of relations between the defense Ministry and the manufacturer of the aircraft,” – added in the Ministry of industry. In the KLA from comments yesterday have refused.

The reason to return to the topic of modernization of passenger fleet, the defense Ministry was the crash of the Tu-154B-2, which occurred on December 25, 2016. That day, we will remind, the military Board with eight crew members and 84 passengers shortly after takeoff from the airport Adler (Sochi) course at the base Hamim (Syria) crashed into the Black sea. Subsequently, as reported by “Kommersant” on January 12, a number of potential versions of the tragedy was rejected by experts (e.g., terrorist attack), but no official results of the interdepartmental Commission has not yet presented.

To date, the Ministry of defense operates 14 aircraft Tu-154B-2 (1979-1985 years of release), seven Tu-154M (1986-2012 years), 36 Tu-134A and Tu-134A-3 (1975-1983) and nine Il-62 (1977-1992). They serve international and domestic flights and is used for flights of the Ministry and top military commanders from the Chkalovsky airbase near Moscow, and to transport personnel (Tu-154 and Tu-134 are part of the aviation of the military districts and fleets). The military of the USSR and Russia, based on the size of the country, has always been a need for quite significant Park “riding” passenger liners. However, until now, the Ministry of defense on the background of a very active fleet renewal combat aircraft in terms of replacing the old Tu-134 is limited to the purchase of nine new An-148-100E Voronezh aircraft joint-stock companies in 2013-2016 (have an order for another four cars). Tu-214 also purchased limited in spazmoliticakih: in 2011-2013, the military received two Tu-214ON (“open sky”) to control the territories of foreign States according to international treaties, and in 2010-2011-two reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214Р (“Faction”). The portfolio of orders “214th” still means four sides: two standard and two air control point Tu-214ПУ.

According to a top Manager of the enterprise of the aviation industry, the KLA military has already submitted its new proposal. “To replace the Tu-134 can go short-haul SSJ-100, and instead of Il-62 and Tu-154 — more long-range Tu-214, says an industry source “b”.– This issue is worked out by the military”. According to him, the Ministry of defense and the KLA will agree a “road map” of actions (to determine which side will be the first of decommissioning, and which — still serve) and build the production schedule (necessary for even loading of factories in Kazan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur).

According to other interlocutor “Kommersant”, the potential contract on the Tu-214 with the Ministry of defence is important for the Kazan aircraft building plant from the point of view of its load by 2020: then it is the power of the military expect to use in the production of strategic bombers Tu-160M2.

Ordering on the SSJ 100 from the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation will not only increase the workload of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant will bring a profit “Civil planes Dry” (the military can not order less than 20-25 sides), but also will more actively promote the plane on foreign markets, says Kommersant’s source close to the KLA: “It will be good advertising.” Military in their assessments, while more cautious: they argue that Sergei Shoigu instructed his subordinates to study the issue of replacing fleet so that the Agency was not required to request the government for more funding. “In behalf of the exact timing of the replacement of the fleet is not specified,” – added the interlocutor of Kommersant in the Ministry of defence.

The head of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev notes that the replacement for the Tu-154 and Il-62 Tu-214 seems logical, since the defense began their operation, and this decision will only lead to the unification of the Park. In the case of the SSJ 100, the situation is more complicated, he said: in the current circumstances, defence may need to obtain additional permission to use these ships, because they used foreign components. Analyst portal Roman Gusarov believes that “for the Kazan plant, which produces “Tu”, it would be best ordering, since the Tu-214 is losing to foreign competitors, and in the case of the Ministry of defense, the company will receive a firm contract”.