China has offered foreign diplomats a walk around the prison

Head of the coordination group of the Communist party of China to apprehend fugitive corrupt officials, Liu Jianchao suggested that foreign diplomats tour in prison, so they can ensure that ekstrudirovannye in the PRC offenders were kept in appropriate conditions. About it reports Reuters.

The corresponding statement Liu made at a meeting with heads of foreign embassies and consulates. According to the Agency, the event was organized by the Central Commission for CPC discipline inspection, attended by representatives of 113 of 13 diplomatic missions and international organizations.

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The meeting was also addressed by the Chairman of the Commission From Yilan, which reminded foreign diplomats that the issue of runaway corrupt officials demand not only Chinese law but also the laws of other countries. The event was also announced the latest results of the campaign for extradition: 2016 Beijing has managed to return to the Treasury of 2.3 billion yuan (334 million dollars).

In April 2015, Beijing has launched a campaign Sky Net, which aims — the prosecution of suspects of corruption officials fled abroad. Chinese authorities have published a list of the 100 most wanted corrupt officials living abroad. According to the estimates of investigators, in total, they robbed China’s 800 billion yuan (126 billion dollars). Only with the end of 2014 in China was returned to more than 950 people, accused of bribery, but many are still hiding abroad, the Western governments refuse to extradite them, citing improper conditions of detention in Chinese prisons.